Hey all!
Jennifer Li (or just Jenn for short) is a Long Island based artist and animator with specialization in character animation and character design. If you love colorful artwork and sharp angles, Jenn's got you covered. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 2018, they have bounced around from all sorts of different projects and clients, including work forĀ Pencilmation, Ironbound Films, Ukuza Games, and Animeme Studios. When not producing art, you can expect Jenn to enjoy their time watching films and anime, playing video games, collecting toys and dolls, and sewing.

Currently taking freelance work!
Please download my Resume for more information.
E-mail: JennLiArt@gmail.com
Twitter: @JenKunoichi351

Instagram: @JenKunoichi351
Tumblr: UnlimitedJennWork.tumblr.com
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